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My name is Jon Carlson and my love and experience in the arts began very early in my childhood. I always remember having a fondness for drawing, and over time I learned to express my creativity using other fine arts such as painting.

My enjoyment for the arts began even earlier than that when I was given my first piano at the age of 8. I casually exercised my piano skills until the age of 14 under the training of a home-based piano teacher. At this period I then took my musical life more seriously and began training through Paul Ellis of Huntington University. Daily four-hour lessons quickly brought me to challenging heights by the likes of Franz Liszt and Sergei Rachmaninoff.

I graduated Cambrian College in 2002 with a Diploma in visual communications/graphic arts and eventually found employment in the marketing and advertising industry as a JR. Graphic Designer. I quickly learned that I enjoyed working under pressure with demanding projects and tight deadlines… something that I certainly am not short of in the field of photography!

My roots in photography began in the classroom and darkroom; yes, the era of lab produced prints! In 2003 I eagerly converted to digital photography - a time when the format was still relatively uncommon. As the years went by and technology advanced I would readily adopt technological innovations as they became availble to help push my photographic projects to the cutting edge. I am now happily equipped with all of the tools I need to enjoy a fully operational photographic studio and am still looking on the horizon to offer the very best results the industry can assist me in achieving. I count myself so blessed to be able to visually document the precious blessings of other's lives as well as the little blessings in my own life with these wonderful tools. I feel I can look back on my career and look at where I am now and say without a doubt... I did it!

Aside from my professional life, my greatest purpose in life is found in my role as a best friend and provider for my wife and a father and teacher to my three children whom I love more than life itself. They are the only reason I push ahead to thrive and achieve.