Melanie+James, Wedding

Posted on September 24, 2016

Melanie and James got married at the Idylwylde Golf course. (I hope I spelled that correctly!) I hadn't been there since I golfed there as a very young lad during the Grade 6 days. Returning after all of these years, I was first shocked at how it was noticeably one of the most beautiful landscaped properties in all of Sudbury. The scenery was the perfect backdrop for wedding. It was plain to see that much thought was placed in all of the details, little and big, and you could feel that this day was very important - that these two coming together was worthy of a really big celebration. It meant so much for the couple, but it also meant a lot for these two big families. I never once forgot about the privilege I had to be there up close to witness each and every special moment that took place over the course of the entire day. It's a privilege that can easily be overlooked as what we wedding photographers are performing a job first and foremost. But keeping that humble thought in the back of one's mind is important as you always want to capture the day in a pure, unselfish manner that is from the couple's point of view, not necessarily with the mindset of endowing one's portfolio.
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Ashley+Adam, Wedding

Posted on September 24, 2016

Most Sudbury couples I photograph fall into two groups. One: they met in Sudbury, they get married in Sudbury, and are going to start a life together in Sudbury. The other group is, needless to say, but I'll say it anyways, the kind that meet outside of Sudbury, but get married in Sudbury because family is primarily in Sudbury, but continue their lives together outside of Sudbury. (That was a lot of Sudburys in that paragraph!)

Ashley and Adam almost seem to have a category of their own. Adam is English. Ashley is Canadian, but she works all over the world. Adam works all over the world as well. They might not be planted in once place, but their grounding is certainly found in each other. It was pretty awesome to see these two put together a wedding that put Canadians and English all under one roof adding in a blend of visual global cultures that represented their many travels together. As a Sudburian that is closed off from these cultures, the day was a refreshing experience. (And as someone that has a real appreciation for different accents, I should add that it was a bit of a treat to work with all-English groomsmen.)
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Michelle+Kyle, Wedding

Posted on September 24, 2016

It's no secret, I think, that wedding photography has it's perceptions as being accompanied with hard work and high pressure. We photographers are often times up against the clock, the weather or other unforeseen complications. When any one of those factors clash, its easy for anxiety and stress to rear its ugly head. And in the case of Michelle and Kyle's wedding, that could have easily been the case. With an outdoor wedding planned at Science North and the skies bringing nothing but heavy rain, it could have put a real damper on everyone's spirits.

Initially, Michelle and her bridal "team" were kept safe and dry in a beautiful, naturally lit dinning space which provided the perfect photographic backdrop for her hair, make-up, portraits and even first look session (which was originally planned for outdoors at Science North).

Amazingly, the rain ceased and the skies opened up in time for some pre-ceremony outdoor portraits at Science North. I have the photo evidence below! And just as fast as the rain came, it re-appeared again some time after we had already gone indoors for shelter to conduct the ceremony as well as the reception in the cavern. I've seen many a bride cross their fingers and mentally will that the rain would stop just for the sake of their photos. It your wedding day starts with rain, give it try - it doesn't hurt, and it often works quite effectively!


mk_wed_01 mk_wed_02 mk_wed_03 mk_wed_04 mk_wed_05 mk_wed_06 mk_wed_07 mk_wed_08 mk_wed_09 mk_wed_10 mk_wed_11 mk_wed_12 mk_wed_13 mk_wed_14 mk_wed_15 mk_wed_16 mk_wed_17 mk_wed_18 mk_wed_19 mk_wed_20 mk_wed_21 mk_wed_22 mk_wed_23 mk_wed_24 mk_wed_25 mk_wed_26 mk_wed_27 mk_wed_28 mk_wed_29

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Targa+Devon, Wedding

Posted on September 24, 2016

Every once in a while you come across two people that are visibly at a deeper level of intimacy and affection than the rest of us. When I posed Targa and Devon for engagement photos I didn't have to encourage them to put on their "lovey faces" at any point. They were ready and eager to exchange looks of endearment. I didn't have to direct cues for how to use their hands. They would naturally caresse the other's cheek, or move in for a kiss. My job was simple; show up with a camera, find a nice background, explain the general concept of the shot, and basically shout "ACTION!" as they would deliver ad libbed perfection!

Going into their wedding, I knew I was going in with the same simple approach. Mind you, I was against a few minor hurtles - tricky navigation for the remote back-roads of Manitoulin Island. Extreme heat and humidity. The small, intimate and friendly group of family and friends were so hospitable and so those issues were quickly eclipsed.

Every now and then it's nice to get back to basics - have a close gathering on family property, roast a hog, enjoy conversation and dancing under the stars. It was a wedding much like mine and my wife's, actually. IO personally wouldn't have done it any other way. Big production weddings are an absolute blast. But some of us laid back Northern folk don't mind just keeping it simple while still remaining super classy!


td_wed_02 td_wed_03 td_wed_04 td_wed_05 td_wed_06 td_wed_07 td_wed_08 td_wed_09 td_wed_10 td_wed_11 td_wed_12 td_wed_13 td_wed_14 td_wed_15 td_wed_16 td_wed_17

Tying maternity and wedding photogether together!

td_wed_18 td_wed_19 td_wed_20

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Carole+Mark, Wedding

Posted on September 24, 2016

What a unique wedding this was! Several times during the day I had found myself thinking, "am I actually doing this right now!?". "This isn't for real.."

I'll explain..

The day was going all according to plan. Carole had got all of her preparations done on time and the photos were going perfectly. However, all the while, the rain going on outside didn't seem to be showing much sign of letting up. After the ceremony, the rain took a short break which was perfect to execute all of the family photographs. However, it wasn't so forgiving for the bridal party's photos. None of the usual rain backup scenarios I typically count on fell through, so we were left having to be very creative. Extra emphasis on the word very.

I'm not sure where the birth of the idea originated, but it was thought that the new Diggs and Dwellings furniture would be an interesting retreat from the nasty drizzle. And.. to my surprise, that's exactly what it was! I'm not saying it wasn't without its challenges. Being that it was a furniture store, there were a lot of "props" to consider when setting up the right compositions. When first got there, it happened to be closing time. The owner and staff were super friendly and so accommodating with their time and space. At one point the bride and groom were even jumping up and down on a bed for some really fun looking pictures. As a wedding photographer, you can't help but sense that being somewhat surreal, which points back to that "this isn't for real" comment I mentioned earlier.

We also shot at the HourGlass restaurant. We went into these venues with 1 day prior approval. I don't recommend just barging into these places of business without any notice. These owners were incredibly graceful for allowing us to utilize their surroundings. I'm pleased that there was minimal intrusion on any potential consumers. I'm extremely grateful to the staff that helped us and provided us the space to execute our crazy ideas. It was fun! I think I might be ready to try it again one day. 😉

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